AetherMesh is a connectivity solution for on-cloud and off-cloud connected devices which require high reliability for use within industrial environments. AetherMesh was developed for secure and reliable connectivity for sensors, lighting, and controls in large scale industrial facilities where conventional wireless connectivity solutions fail. AetherMesh consists of cost effective, FCC certified modules for integration into products, the AetherMesh operating system, and certified market ready gateway solutions. AetherMesh accelerates time to market by eliminating RF engineering and wireless certification costs. Sub-gigahertz 900MHz wireless communication allows AetherMesh to penetrate facilities and infrastructure deeper than other technologies, and is immune to the noise of 2.4-5GHz bands due to wifi and other devices. AetherMesh is suitable for both always on devices as well as battery powered devices, allowing for operation of 1+ year on a single battery.

AetherMesh modules integrate a power efficient and highly optimized sub 1-GHz radio, balun, matching network, and high performance antenna in a small package, achieving a high level of wireless performance and range without increasing cost by introducing external components such as connectors, cables, and antennas. Selecting a wireless module with a high efficiency RF antenna and balun is critical for battery powered applications, which commonly use dynamic radio power modes to extend battery life. Selecting the AetherMesh module for your connected product will allow for the lowest radio power consumption without resorting to expensive external high gain antennas. Finally, AetherMesh integrates all wireless components, eliminating the painstaking RF engineering and optimization from your product.

AetherMesh modules offer more design flexibility to product developers than any other wireless module thanks to our fifth generation modular design supporting automated surface mount pick and place assembly as well as hand assembly via a small mezzanine connector. Designers also have the flexibility to use AetherMesh modules with two certified external antenna options for situations where the integrated antenna is not compatible with the enclosure design.

The integral ARM® Cortex®-M3 Processor within AetherMesh modules runs AetherMesh OS, a full featured 6LoWPAN operating system with extensive mesh networking capabilities and standards based IPv4/IPv6 networking stack. AetherMesh modules are also compatible with many other operating systems and can be configured to order, giving product developers more freedom than any other connectivity solution.

AetherMesh™ OS

The AetherMesh™ operating system automatically forms a self healing mesh network, which is capable of automatically configuring and recovering from loss of connectivity by dynamically re-routing messages. Standards based IP networking allows for secure communication and easy development of products which are tightly integrated with cloud based functionality.


Coming soon – our LoRaWAN™ module for wide area networks. AetherWAN brings the same level of integration and packaging we achieved with our AetherMesh module to LoRaWAN networking, giving product developers the ability to choose between sub-GHz mesh, Sub-GHz point to point networking, and Sub-GHz LoRaWAN networking without the need to re-engineer their products for each protocol. LoRaWAN is a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) specification intended for wireless battery operated Things in a regional, national or global network, and allows for 20+ mile range in low cost devices such as sensors, location devices, and other ubiquitous IoT devices.


ARM® and Cortex®-M3 are registered trademarks of Arm Limited (or its subsidiaries) in the US and/or elsewhere.
LoRaWAN™ is a trademark of the LoRa Alliance™