About Aether Connectivity

Aether Connectivity was launched in 2017 by a team of wireless experts and product developers who understand the challenges of integrating high reliability wireless connectivity into products. We designed years of hard learned lessons into our easy to use modules, designed specifically for industrial, scientific, and commercial applications. Our products offer industry leading performance and minimal development investment for applications such as lighting, sensing, and automation.

Our Products

Aether Connectivity offers pre-certified wireless hardware and ready to use gateway solutions to reduce your development cost and time to market. Our high reliability wireless solutions offer product developers more freedom of choice over protocol, firmware, mechanical integration, power, and antenna options compared to competing platforms.
AetherMesh™ Module

AetherMesh™ Module

Pre-certified Sub-GHz module with integral antenna, MCU, and flash

Designed specifically for full featured 6LoWPAN operating systems, our AetherMesh™ module integrates an ARM® Cortex®-M3 processor, a high performance RF antenna, and external flash to support over the air programming

AetherMesh™ Access Point

AetherMesh™ Access Point

Certified Ethernet access point

Product developers are not left to their own devices when it comes to commercializing a gateway solution. Our ready to use, FCC certified Ethernet Access Point is available as a white label product with custom branding

AetherWAN™ Module

AetherWAN™ Module

Coming Soon - LoRaWAN™ module

Quickly develop LoRaWAN™ devices with our pre-certified modules, coming in early 2018. Our AetherWAN™ modules are pin and mechanically compatible with our AetherMesh™ modules, giving product developers ultimate flexibility in connectivity choice

Developer Kits

Developer Kits

Coming Soon

Everything you need to get started developing connected products based on AetherMesh™

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